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Our goal is to strengthen and connect Syracuse, New York's East Area community by reducing stigma, providing education and support, promoting healthy alternatives, and establishing safe spaces.

Mobile Apps

These mobile apps can be downloaded to most smart phones as healthy alternatives to other destructive activities.


Here are some resources in reference to healthy alternatives:


This Cognitive Behavioral Therapy website has been evaluated in a scientific trial and found to be effective in relieving depression symptoms if people work through it systematically. This site teaches people to use ways of thinking that will help prevent depression.


Feeling good: the new mood therapy (revised edition), Burns, D.D. (1999); Quill Publishers, New York, NY.

Control your Depression (revised edition). Lewinsohn, P.M., Munoz, R.A., Youngren, M.A., Zeis, A.M.; Simon & Schuster, New York, NY

The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Depression, second edition: a step-by-step program. New Harbinger Publications, Oakland, CA. This Cognitive Behavioral Therapy manual can be used alone or in conjunction with therapy. It can also be purchased as an e-Book directly from the publisher.


The E-couch website provides information about emotional problems, including depression and anxiety disorders, what causes them, how to prevent them and how to treat them. It also provides a set of evidence-based online interventions designed to equip the user with strategies to improve mood and emotional state, along with a workbook to track progress and record experiences.

Two progressive relaxation tapes can be downloaded from the website of Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY.

The iChill App takes users through the wellness skills of the Trauma Resiliency Model and the Community Resiliency Model. It is available for Android, iOS and on the Web.

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